Yoga under the Sun and Stars

July 27, 2017

There was a slight breeze in the warm evening air as the sun slowly set, casting elongated shadows upon rows and rows of yellow mats topped with white. An endless sea of changing shades of blue filtered across the open sky. As the evening progressed, the sky became spotted with shimmering, sparkling dots which glittered down upon those gathered at the 2017 LolĂ« White Tour in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Breathing in the same air as those around me, feeling everyone’s energy swirl together, and the beating of hundreds of hearts as one was a special feeling.

There is something very awakening when sharing your practice within a community of other like minded people. To me it stirred up feelings of connectivity and wholeness. Goosebumps broke out along my skin while laying in Savasana starring up at the dark indigo sky, feeling as if the sky and myself were becoming one.