Spring & New Beginnings

April 02, 2018

Almost two weeks into spring, I feel that the stillness which was winter continues slowly to awaken into new beginnings. The anticipation of life, fresh with new possibilities, has me wanting to spring forward on my mat rather than hop or step. (yes, I love that saying and I just had to fit it in somewhere)

Time to dust off the cobwebs, and try to free myself from anything that holds me back, or which my hinder any progress in self growth. To shake off anything negative which may be plaguing my thoughts.

To be inspired with new ideas, or walk down a new path. Maybe take on a fresh new perspective or a new way of looking at something.

I love all the seasons for their own reasons, but I love spring because I get to literally witness and watch new growth. To watch the new blades of grass popping up across the lawn, or the flowers; drawn to the warmth of the sunlight, begin to show their bright green stalks. The patters of sunlight alter their course – letting in more warmth and glow. To the smell in the air, that earthy fresh smell.

To connect to the new energies in the air and in the earth. To meditate on the change in the season. To let it melt away and focus on being reborn into positivity. Like a flower budding forth, or an egg being hatched – allowing that positivity to be born into new beginnings.