I offer private and semi-private yoga classes, guided meditation, and Reiki healing. I am here to assist you in nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Students from every age and stage of life are welcome.






Building up foundations? Working through an injury? New to yoga? (how exciting!). Whatever it is you may be looking for, I will work with you to customize your yoga experience, specifically catered to your personal needs and lifestyle. No matter if you are attending your first Yoga class or if you are a seasoned veteran, my goal is to make yoga accessible to all. Yoga is magical and moving and I am delighted to be able to share the gift with you.

Hatha, Restorative, Yin
  • 60 minutes.
  • Hatha: A slower practice with gentle transitions which focus on postural alignment and breathing techniques to strengthen and stretch the body.
  • Restorative Yoga is great at easing fatigue and stress resulting from daily activities. The use of props aid in maintaining balance while the body is simultaneously being refreshed and relaxed. When the nervous system is at rest then the muscles and mind have the opportunity to become more relaxed.
  • Yin: A practice designed to exercise the ligaments and to regain space and strength in the joints.
  • 01/01 or semi-private (2ppl).
  • Your investment: 01/01 – 80.00$. Semi-private – 50.00$ ea.
Hatha Yin
  • 60 minutes.
  • Balance is explored between movement and exercise. Begin with a slower practice that focuses on postural alignment and breathing techniques to strengthen the body. Gentle transitions will be followed by Yin shapes to exercise ligaments and to regain space and strength in the joints. This rebalancing between the “Yin” and the “Yang” is the return to wholeness and health.
  • 01/01 or semi-private (2ppl).
  • Your investment: 01/01 – 80.00$. Semi-private – 50.00$ ea.
Reiki Restorative
  • 75 minutes.
  • Assist the body and mind to rejuvenate in this specially focused Reiki Restorative yoga experience. Over seventy-five minutes receive a Reiki treatment while in a restorative yoga pose. Infusing subtle energy work, such as Reiki, can further produce feelings of deep relaxation and foster such a state of peace and well-being that you may want to stay in your Savasana forever!
  • 01/01 or semi-private (2ppl).
  • Your investment: 01/01 – 100.00$. Semi-private – 80.00$ ea.
Rolled Into One
  • 75 minutes.
  • Combining yoga, human movement, myofascial release, and breath strategies I will help you awaken and discover your interconnected body through investigating its systems and attuning to your physiology. Incorporating various Roll Model® Therapy Balls into our class we will target various body areas by using a distinctive set of exercises to assist with releasing high tension areas, improving mobility and living better in your body. I will help you to create a foundation of self-care that you can carry outside of the classroom. Get the ball rolling and empower yourself to live better every day.
  • 01/01 or semi-private (2ppl).
  • Your investment: 01/01 – 100.00$. Semi-private – 80.00$ ea.
Public Yoga Classes
  • When: January 10th 5:45-7:00pm. What: Restorative Yoga; A Special Seasonal Attunement sequence designed to ground and internalize. Your investment: 20.00$ + tax. Sign up here. Where: Ki Health and Wellness.
  • When: January 26th 11:00-12:15pm.  What: Myofascial Release WorkshopYour investment: 35.00$ + tax. Click here for more info and to sign up. Space is limited!  Where: Ki Health and Wellness.




Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which also promotes healing. The application of subtle energy work encourages the smooth release of tension and stress by helping to restore energy balance. By relieving emotional unbalance, our life force energy is able to flow freely in a natural and healthy way, promoting personal wellness.

01/01 Reiki Healing Session
  • 60 or 75 minutes.
  • What is a Reiki treatment like?
  • Your investment: 60 min. – 60.00$. 75 min. – 70.00$. Includes consultation before and after.
  • Sage burning, aromatherapy and crystals may be used during the treatment.
  • Ongoing special offer: Reiki Recess
Reiki Circle
  • 60 minutes.
  • Max: 14 participants
  • Many business hold Health & Wellness days / offer workshops to employees to promote mental health. Reiki Circles are a way where people can come together and experience Reiki in a group setting. These circles bring awareness and help educate anyone who is curious in learning more about Reiki. The Circle focuses its attention on the well-bring of others, ourselves, health, relaxation, happiness and connectivity.
  • Your investment: Includes; guided opening / closing meditation, Reiki share, 01/01 treatment. Contact me for pricing.