First Signs of Snow

November 10, 2017

Waking up to the first signs of snow this morning made me think about all the things that I love about the cold, winter months. Warm sweaters, wool grandma socks, a hot pot of steaming tea, curling up with a good book. The crunching sound of snow beneath my boots, layering up in scarves and mitts, and the feeling of your fingertips and cheeks after spending hours outside skating or simply exploring.

Winter is also a time when the wheel of the year enters into its darker half. They days are shorter, it gets darker earlier and it is a season mostly governed by recluse and dormancy.

Life is still and silent. The green and fertile earth has given away to the chill of winter and the hibernation of the earth. With this silence and stillness comes a time of introversion and contemplation. Winter invites us to quiet the mind and still the soul. It is a time to shed and give way to a rebirth of our inner self. To slide along the pure winter whites with reflection and contemplation.

I embrace the landscape and the climate. I immerse myself in the cold white world that is winter. Its beauty and sparkle, the way the snow settles on the trees, creating an icing top that I almost want to reach out and lick off my finger.

Living in a climate where I am able to experience all the seasons is magical and moving, both in their beauty and importance for mother earth, but also symbolic to the workings of my inner self. I will make the most of this winter until the earth is ready to rise again with the new beginnings and enchantment of spring.