• Pre-Event/Project Planning/Onsite Event Logistics & Management
  • Budget Creation and Management
  • Site/Venue Selection
  • Sponsorship Negotiation
  • Hiring Vendor(s)/Staff
  • Catering/Food & Beverage
  • D├ęcor/Photography & Film
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Audio Visual & Staging Coordination
  • Recruiting, Hiring & Training Staff & Volunteers
  • Program Development, Script & Brief Writing
  • Translation Services & Special Access Requirements
  • Registration/Database
  • Post Event Reporting
  • Flex Hours
Event Planning:
  • Planning and coordinating all aspects of events, including acting as the liaison with venues, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Developing and managing new events from concept to completion by setting objectives and strategies ensuring quality and reputation is maintained and enhanced. Includes tracking logistical details, costs and timelines.
  • Planning events that comply with legislation and policies, including health and safety, and fire codes, following risk management protocols and overcoming obstacles that may present themselves.
  • Working with event speakers, sponsors and suppliers to execute their requirements before, during, and after events, including shipment of materials.
  • Organizing all physical requirements at location/venue, such as staging, seating and equipment rentals, AV, security, and accessibility requirements.
  • Ensuring detailed protocol appropriate to public and private VIP representatives (including dignitaries, MPs, mayors, government officials, etc.) and guests are followed.
  • Ensuring contracts are fulfilled and pricing quotes are met.
  • Recruiting, coordinating and overseeing event volunteers, staff and suppliers.
  • Coordinating and attending planning meetings for events.
  • Preparing detailed event scripts for key speakers.
  • Implementing logistics for invitations, RSVPs and guest lists.
  • Acting as a consultant by providing advice and leadership to faculties and departments planning their own events.
Event Promotion:
  • Liaising with Designers to direct the development of effective communication/promotion pieces, determining target audiences.
  • Liaising with Marketing & Communications to identify opportunities for advertising and messaging, (including social media) coordinating for approval.
  • Scheduling appropriate channels and timing specific social media outreach.
  • Evaluating the success of marketing initiatives and recommending changes where necessary.
  • Preparing databases, formatting and deploying emails for events.
Event Execution:
  • Setting up the venue and creating a welcoming environment.
  • Managing all on-site venue logistics. Trouble shooting any issues.
  • Receiving VIP’s, guests and speakers.
  • Remaining on site until guests depart to ensure complete wrap-up of event, including the transportation of materials and supplies.
Post Event:
  • Reconciling financial reporting of events.
  • Compiling post event reports and providing improvements for future events.
  • Collecting participant feedback from events.